The Dirty Thirty Two

Kaposia Disc Golf Course's 32nd Year

Registration: 16/150
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Dirty Thirty Two

Saturday, November 5 2022

We are excited to celebrate Kaposia's 32nd year!

  • Celebrate with us and play a special "Dirty Thirty Two" layout (Layout subject to change based on day-of course conditions)
  • Caddy Book: Main Pool (all divisions except novice women)
  • Caddy Book: Novice Women
  • Great players pack for all players
  • Lots of short pins and short temp holes will be sprinkled in

  • Format: KP Cali Style. You do not need to count your mulligan shots! 1 Mulligan per hole.
  • 11-05-2022
  • Tee Times: 8am-2:00pm
  • (Choose your own!) Email PK with your desired tee time. (TD reserves the right to adjust tee times)
  • Bring your favorite Mini or use the one we provide in the players pack! Hole 31 will be a mini-hole. 4.5" or less, plastic only. See How To for mini information.
  • There will be more details released soon! So stay tuned, and Lets Get Dirty At Kaposia!

  • We are capping at 150 players, so Signup Now to guarantee your spot! (check current registration status at Tournament Central)

  • 1st Place (All Divisions)
    • Custom Treasures of the Forest Mini
    • If there is a tie in first place:
      • A random number will be generated between 1 and 31 (women: between 1 and 18). This number will determine which hole is the tiebreaker.
      • Scores between tied players on the randomly selected hole will be used to determine tiebreaker. Whichever player has the lowest score on the tiebreaker hole will win the tiebreaker.
      • If the two players are tied on the tiebreaker hole, we will go backwards (i.e. if tiebreaker is hole 4, we will now use hole 3 as tiebreaker) until a winner is established.
      • 1st place payouts will be split amongst the tied players. Tiebreaker is for trophy only.

  • Divisions/Entry
    • Pro Open - $50
    • Advanced - $40
    • Intermediate - $40
    • Recreation - $40
    • Novice - $30
    • Advanced Women - $40
    • Intermediate Women - $30
    • Novice Women - $30

  • Cancellation Policy:
    • You may request to "drop" and get a refund up until Friday 11/4 at Noon. Day of tournament refund requests will not be accepted.
    • If a player drops, their spot will be filled with a player from the waitlist
    • If a player does not show up for their tee time, their spot will be filled with another player (if possible)
    • You may get in the day of the tournament if you are present at the tee time of a no show.
    • You may pre-pay to be on the waitlist. If there are 2 people waiting and a spot becomes available (a no-show), the open spot will be granted to whoever has paid first and is present. (If you do not get in, you will be refunded)

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