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Winter Dubs Week 8 - 2021-02-27
Checked In: 24
Signed Up: 123
Ace Pot: $171
Bonus CTP $0

Layout Details

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Layout Name Going Backwards (Winter)
# of Holes 20
Par 61
Length 5775

NOT Checked In (114)

If you are on this list, you need to CHECK IN. Please find PK and give him your name.

Player Name
Adam Krueger
Adam Vosburgh
Adam Zubrzycki
Alan Chartier
Alex Cary
Alex Hanson-Rosenberg
Alex Hardyman
Anders Lind
Andrew Davenport
Andrew Swanson
Anthony Armstrong
Austin Marchand
Ben Goetsch
Ben Schmidt
Blake Christenson
Blake Rypkema
Brad Kuntz
Brandon Dickey
Brett Weber
Brian Krumm
Bruce Sanburg
Bryan Fuglestad
Carl Nelson
Carson Relitz
Chase Marchand
Chris Brister
Chris Kuna
Chris Smolnicky
Chuck Covart
Corey Brennan
Corey Farrell
Cory Maanum
Craig Johnson
Danny Hexum
Daryl LaTocha
David Chapman
Derek Andersen
Derek Sahr
Deryck Lawson
Devin Kinzler
Dustin Struzyk
Eric Buss
Erik Barr
Glen Bruhschwein
Grant Dammann
Hans Owens
Immanuel Bratzel
Ira Bratzel
Jack Haren
Jacob Bakken
Jacob Bechtold
Jacob Erdman
Jake Rasmussen
Jake Smith
Jamey Connor
Jared Holland
Jared Sundin
Jason Nance
Jeff Adolf
Jeff Ferguson
Jeno Cederna
Joe Stephens
John Hart
Jon Fleischman
Jon Zubrzycki
Jordan Alaspa
Joshua Doyle
Kenneth Judkins
Kevin Anthony
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Lippert
Kyle Sparrow
Logan Greely
Luke Haqq
Manny Lopez
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Waters
Martin Cheatham
Matt Syx
Micah Callies
Michael Bjerke
Michael Lofquist
Michael Schepers
Michael Wakefield
Mike Sherry
Mike Stoffel
Nate Fleming
Nicolas Barry
Patrick Coleman
Phil Baumgartner
Philip Loprinzi
Richard Markun
Richard Rasch
Robert Rothman
Russ Jacobsen
Ryan Brosious
Ryan Sheldon
Sam Gardner
Scott Bugasch
Sean OMara
Shane Melton
Tanner Smith
Taylor Haney
Tesfaye Aschenaki
Tim Chapman
Tim Kalisch
Tommy Mattson
Tommy Murashie
Tony Engen
Tyler Dahl
Tyler Lewis
Tyler Michienzi
Will Bratzel
William gray

Bonus CTP List ($0)

KP Dubs Info

  • All Players are responsible to verify they are signed up AND checked in correctly. After signing up, please view the signup list below to find your name. If you do not see your name - you are not signed up yet and will not receive a partner!

  • Signup using the navigation link up top. Dubs -> Signup.
  • Please check in to UDisc Events before signing up
  • Please check in with PK after signing up to get checked in. Check-in starting 30 minutes before tee time.
  • Team and Hole assignments will be posted here just prior to tee time
  • If there is an odd number of players and you draw "Cali", you may upgrade to "Wolf" by signing up again. Do this before Teeing off.
  • If your partner does not finish (DNF), you may finish the round as Cali. You may not buy in as WOLF unless you were Cali from initial draw.
  • Please view How To section for full Cali/Wolf rules.

  • Schedule
    • 9:30-9:50 Signups Open (Navigation -> Saturday Dubs -> Signup)
    • 9:50 Signups Closed
    • 9:50 Teams and Hole Assignments Randomized and Posted.
    • 9:55 Flight Out
    • 10:00 Shotgun Start