Kaposia Pro Shop Raises $8,679 for the Paul Mcbeth Foundation

Written By: Billie Sage Ashton

McBeth Mulligan Madness

It's only been seven months since five time World Disc Golf Champion, Paul Mcbeth, announced a press release in March of 2021, to launch the Paul Mcbeth Foundation (PMF). Paul's vision of establishing the PMF, was a dream and goal of his since 2013 and the PMF became an official 501(c)3 corporation in the State of Virginia, this year. The mission of the PMF is to develop and introduce disc golf courses to areas of the world where there are currently underserved locations or even no access to the sport at all. In a sense, it's a huge vision to help grow the sport globally which will no doubt help to build community, corporate partnerships, individual donors and volunteers all over the world. So far this year, the PMF has installed three new course projects in these areas (La Paz, Mexico, Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala and Medellin, Columbia).

With this in mind, Pat Kelly (Kaposia Park Disc Golf League Director) and Blake Iverson (a local Advisory Board member of the PMF) jumped at the opportunity to benefit the PMF, by hosting a disc golf fundraising tournament called the Mcbeth Mulligan Madness on Saturday, October 9, 2021, at the popular Kaposia Park Disc Golf Course located in the South St. Paul. Kelly and Iverson were the fundraising event Co-Directors for the event that drew 61 total players and helped to raise $8,679 for the PMF.

Philip Loprinzi, owner of the Kaposia Pro Shop helped oversee and facilitate the tournament organizational team made up of seven volunteers (Phalshie Larson, Bruce Sanburg, Pat Kelly, Blake Iverson, Billie Sage Ashton, Russ & Mahala Jacobsen) so that each aspect of the event ran smoothly and successfully.

Billie Sage Ashton, organized the silent auction aspect of the Mcbeth Mulligan Madness fundraiser and secured 29 individual donors from the local disc community, to donate a total of 54 different items that were all part of the bidding process to raise funds. The silent auction raised a total of $2,466.

Sanburg and the Jacobsen's organized a raffle for a mystery box valued at over $500 which helped raise over $700 for the event. James Coleman was the lucky winner of the $500 Mystery Box.

Each entrant that played the event paid a $30 registration fee and in return received a custom stamped Discraft Mcbeth Mulligan Madness disc for supporting the event. Players could also buy an unlimited amount of mulligans for $2 each when they registered, making the tournament format truly unique by allowing players to use more than one mulligan per hole.

There was also a $5 ace pool with 50% going to the Mcbeth Mulligan Madness fundraiser and 50% paid out for any aces. A total of two aces were hit during the event. The first ace was made by Russ Jacobsen on (Hole 18) and the second ace was hit by John Hart on Hole 8.

A total of 150 discs were pre-ordered for the event, some were sold at the event and the unsold discs leftover from the event were purchased by the Kaposia Pro Shop and utilized as an additional $1650 raised towards the overall fundraiser. Sliced pizza was also on hand to purchase and was an additional means of raising funds for the event.

All in all, this was the Kaposia Pro Shops first organized fundraiser within the local disc golf community and their team of volunteers believe it was a great success and community effort. The Kaposia Pro Shop is planning to host the Mcbeth Mulligan Madness as an annual event and Loprinzi said, "if Kaposia Pro Shop can help drive the cost of a course through hosting a fundraiser like this, we'll be committed to that vision yearly".

McBeth Mulligan Madness

The Paul McBeth Foundation

  • "Most disc golfers are very aware of who Paul McBeth is and what he has done on disc golf courses over the last 15+ years. They may not know as much about his passion for bringing the joys and benefits of disc golf to as many new people as possible. Paul is where he is today because disc golf was available to him in a setting that typically would not have had accessible disc golf courses. Paul would like to see future generations in similar areas have a chance to learn life lessons and experience the joy and community that playing disc golf affords. The Paul McBeth Foundation is Paul's vehicle to make this happen!"
  • Mission: "The Paul McBeth Foundation will develop and introduce sustainable disc golf experiences in underserved locations with limited or no access to the sport."
  • Vision: "The Paul McBeth Foundation sees the incredible benefits that disc golf can provide for both individuals and groups of people. The golf lessons learned on the course associated with hard work, commitment, integrity, critical thinking, decision making, communication, and building and maintaining relationships go way past the course and deep into the futures of all who participate. The Paul McBeth Foundation is committed to making this a reality for as many people as possible."
  • Game Plan: "The Paul McBeth Foundation is looking for opportunities to either install disc golf courses or provide portable disc golf options in areas without easy access to the sport. Projects ranging from putting baskets in the ground overseas to providing portable baskets to an urban community center cannot be the foundation's end game, though. Providing resources and education to develop and sustain consistent play has to happen to fulfill the foundation's mission."
  • From: https://www.paulmcbethfoundation.org/about/

McBeth Mulligan Madness