The Valley

Disc Golf Course

The Valley

Saturdays - Valley Cali

  • Flex Start: 8am-6:00pm
  • 3-5 Players/Card ONLY. 3 League player minimum/card.
  • Pond plays as O.B.
  • Parking lot and road is O.B.

  • All KPLeagues rules apply. View rules and more information under How To

Players: Please purchase a day/season pass

Cali Rules

  • You may throw one "Mulligan" per hole
  • It can be on any throw during the hole (drive, approach, or putt)
  • Cali Rules - You may use either the original or "Mulligan" throw
  • You do not need to track how many mulligans you use!
  • Use it or Lose it - Unused "Mulligans" do not carry over

  • "Provisional Mulligan" - If you are unsure after any throw if you landed in or out of bounds, AND you still have your mulligan, you may throw a "Provisional Mulligan". Rules are as follows:
    • Before throwing, you must declare "PROVISIONAL MULLIGAN" to your cardmates. If you do not declare before the throw "provisional mulligan", your provisional will count as a regular mulligan shot
    • If your initial throw is in bounds - you will play from the initial disc. You will still have a mulligan to use for that hole
    • If your initial throw is out of bounds - you may play either shot. You will not have a mulligan for that hole anymore.
    • If both throws are in bounds - you MUST PLAY from the initial throw, and you still have your mulligan. You may only use your provisional mulligan throw if the initial throw was out of bounds.

The Valley

  • 2800 70th St E, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076