Forgotten Pars

At Forgotten Star Brewing
League Director: Matt Syx

Forgotten Pars

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  • Tuesdays, July 27th to September 28th
  • Flex Start: 5:30pm-9:00pm
  • 10 week series: Top 4 rounds determine ranking (for fun, no series payouts)

  • 20 hole outdoor putter course
  • Hole lengths are between 5 and 40 feet.
  • 2 putts from each tee (Bring 2 putters)
  • 2 "Ace Run" throws per round ("Hole 21")
  • View general rules and more information under How To
  • View current signups, prizes, and current ace pool at Forgotten Central

Forgotten Info

  • Play our custom 20 hole layout with just two putters! Don’t have any discs? No problem! See Matt or Troy for some loaners to try it out! Your entry will automatically buy you in for the ace pot, so don’t forget to give “Hole 21” a shot for some bonus dollars!
  • New Players: Here at Forgotten Pars, we want to welcome anyone and everyone to join us! Registration for a round is only $10-$15 depending on your skill level, but if you want to see what it’s all about, we’ll find someone to show you the ropes for no charge.
  • Registration is a cinch! Choose "Signup" from the navigation menu (top right on mobile). Enter your info and select your division and you’re good to go!
  • Divisions are designed to make the competitive side of the game accessible to everyone at all skill levels! We have 5 divisions in order from absolute beginners to the most skilled putting wizards around!
  • Scoring is done using our sexy scorecards and a writing utensil of your choice. (We have plenty of pencils, don’t worry!) 2-6 players to a card, and please write in your first AND last names. No nicknames, please! Re-buys are welcome if you’d like to try and improve your score, your best score will always stand. Here’s how it all breaks down:
  • Possible scores for each hole are 1, 2, 3, or 5; for a total of 100 per round. A 4 is like a 19 in cribbage, it’s just not possible. Sorry 4, it’s nothing personal!
    • 1 point when you hit anywhere from the basket(cage) or above with your disc.
    • 2 points for a make. Disc is resting inside or on ANY PART of the basket (top included)
    • 1 point consistency bonus for making both of your putts!
  • Jump putts are allowed only from the Gold tees

Forgotten Pars

Forgotten Pars

    Entry Costs
    • Purple (Beginner): $10
    • Red (Novice Putter): $10
    • White (Recreational Putter): $12
    • Blue (Experienced Putter): $12
    • Gold (Pro Putter): $15

    Breakdown (per entry)
    • $1 to Ace Pool
    • (Pro Only) $1 to transaction fees / payout administration
    • The remainder goes to payouts

    Scoring (per throw)
    • "Make" (2 points) - Disc is resting on ANY part of the basket (top included)
    • "Splash" (1 point) - Disc contacts ANY part of the basket from the cage (bucket) and above
    • "Consistency Bonus" - Make both putts from any station - and you get an extra point. (5 points total)
    • Perfect Score: 100 Points (40 made putts)

Forgotten Star Brewing

  • 38 Northern Stacks Dr, Fridley, MN 55421
  • This is an OUTDOOR putting league.
  • You may view Forgotten Stars website/menu/etc here.
  • Please do not bring outside food/drink.
  • Please refer to the map on the back of your scorecard which indicates where alcohol can be consumed on-site. Many of us love to drink and throw, but we need to be cognizant of the city laws. Thank you for your understanding!