How To

  • There are no mulligans for fall league - this change is to speed up play and ensure we can have as many players as possible finish before dark
  • Before Play, All Players Are Required To:
    • Signup/Pay under "Signup" Tab (You may not wait to pay during/after your round)
    • Check in to UDisc League scoring (under Events tab of UDisc)
    • Play with groups of 3-5 only
    • Play layout in correct order only (no skipping around the course)

Securely Sign Up Here

  • Sign up at any time during the week
  • Please make sure to sign up before you tee off
  • If for some reason you can't make it, please inform us and your registration will roll over into the following week!
  • One entry per player per week(No Restarting)
  • The email address you use to sign up will be used to administer payouts and ace winnings
  • Please sign up for Venmo using the same email address if:
    • You earn payouts as a Pro or if
    • You throw an ACE
  1. Signup Here
  2. Choose 2020 League
  3. Choose your division and click "Join"
  4. Enter your information. Your email/phone will be used to pay out winnings
  5. Select "Join/Renew"
  6. Enter Payment Information(Save for FAST/EASY signup next week)
  7. Select "Complete Order"
  8. Congratulations! You are Signed Up!
  • To ensure a smooth league experience, please ensure at least one of your card members has an updated UDisc app
  • All players must Signup/Pay before "Checking In" on UDisc Leagues
  • All players will need a UDisc account. If you don't have one, it can be easily created from the parking lot with an Email Address
  • Open UDisc and choose the "Events" tab
  • Choose Kaposia League
  • Tap the "Check In" button to check in to league
  • Select your division
  • Enter your FIRST and LAST name
  • Once all players are checked in choose "Create Scorecard"
  • Score after each hole
  • After the round, confirm correct scores and "Finish Round". The scorecard will be automatically be submitted

  • Unless otherwise noted in Caddybook:
  • Water, Parking Lot, Road, and Park Boundaries(over fence) is Out of Bounds
  • If you land Out of Bounds:
    • There is a 1 stroke penalty
    • Throw from Drop Zone(if included)
    • If no Drop Zone, throw from where disc was last in bounds
    • You may take 1 meter relief from any Out of Bounds area
  • Stream is Casual O.B. - To obtain relief from a casual area, the player's lie may be relocated to the nearest lie which is farther from the target and is on the line of play, at the nearest point that provides relief. PDGA guidelines here
  • Red Area of Teepad - There is no penalty for stepping on the Red area of the teepad during league play
  • All temp tees are 3 meters long from flags to rear of tee pad
  • Great article about O.B. here
  • If you lose a disc
  • Rethrow from previous lie
  • There is 1 stroke penalty for a lost disc, and
  • You still have to count the lost shot (i.e. if you lose your shot, the throw you lost the disc on counts, the rethrow counts, and there is also the 1 penalty stroke.
  • If you miss the Mando, there is a 1 stroke penalty. You may:
    1. Throw from Drop Zone(if included) or
    2. Rethrow from previous lie

  • Points during fall leagues are just for fun - there are no year end payouts
  • Points are calculated as follows:
    • 1st Place: 100 + (0.1 points per player in the division)
    • Everyone else: 100 - ((place - 1) X 24 / total players)
    • Special thanks to Chuck Kennedy for points formula
  • Payouts
    • Payouts are distributed using the Email adress you use to sign up
    • Paytable spreads money across the top players in the division
    • Am payouts paid via Kaposia Pro Shop
    • Pro payouts paid via Venmo
  • $1 from each entry goes into ace pot
  • If no ace is hit - ace pot carries over into next week
  • Ace pot pays out 100% if under $100
  • Ace pot pays out 80% if $100 or over
  • Ace pot winnings paid via Venmo to the Email you use to sign up with
  • $1 from each entry goes into ace pot
  • $1 from pro entry goes to No Contact payout administration. This is returned to each pro player per entry in the form of $1 store credit to Kaposia Pro Shop. Pro Players may use it to signup for a future week, or to make purchases from Kaposia Pro Shop
  • Payouts are rounded down to the nearest $1, and the "change" is added to 1st place
  • If you start playing, you may only pause for lighting. If you pause your round otherwise, you will be considered DNF(Did Not Finish)
  • If you do not finish your round due to rain, you will be considered DNF(Did Not Finish)
  • If you pause your round, and wish to continue, you must stay at the course until it is safe to resume
  • If there is lightning or other dangerous conditions - seek shelter. The pavillion will be opened for shelter in the case of extreme weather.
  • Recreation, Intermediate, and Advanced Sandbaggers:
    • Any player who obtains 5 wins over the series - will be "bumped up" to the next division for the remainder of the season
    • Any player "bumped up" to the next division for 5 wins - will automatically qualify for the 1st place prize for the division they were "bumped" from.
    • Any player who overtakes a player who was "bumped" on the leaderboard will also qualify for 1st place prizing. The 2nd place prize will be offered to one of the 1st place players - or the players have the option of waiting for the replacement 1st place prize.
  • Recreation Sandbaggers
    • Any recreation player who has multiple rounds under par will be evaluated for sandbagging and pushed up the next division based on the data available
    • Any points earned in one division will not carry over to the next division. Due to this - it is recommended to play Intermediate divsion if you are between Recreation/Intermediate.