Caddy Book

KP Tuesday Spring 2023 Week 3 - 2023-04-18

Layout Summary

The Valley General O.B.

  • Parking lot, road, and curb
  • Pond (surrounded by water). (No penalty stroke)
  • Over fence (park boundaries)
  • If you land under bridge (hole 14), you may relocate your lie to on top of the bridge (direcly above) with no penalty.
  • When disc lands completely surrounded by water or is lost in wet area, mark at last point disc flew over dry land, your previous lie/tee, or drop zone (hole 12 only). No penalty.

Bonus Ace Holes

Bonus Hole A Valley Blue 12
Bonus Hole B Valley Blue 15

Hole 1

Hole 2

Hole 3

Hole 4

Hole 5

Hole 6

Hole 7

Hole 8

Hole 9

Hole 10

Hole 11

Hole 12

Hole 13

Hole 14

Hole 15

Hole 16

Hole 17

Hole 18

Thank you to Par Save Productions, Google and UDisc for hole maps