Caddy Book

First Calvary Week 8 Fall 2022 - 2022-10-10

Other Layouts

Division NameLayout
Women (Purple)First Calvary Baptist Purple 20 (Retired)
Women (Red)FCB Short then Purple

If your division is listed here, please play the corresponding layout

Layout Summary

First Calvary Baptist General O.B.

  • Parking lot, road, and curb
  • Fence and over (494 side)
  • Fence and over (Robert side)
  • Road and over (Upper 55th side)
  • On top of church/any building and sidewalk in front of church
  • Entrance road (splits course in half)
  • White stakes and across

Bonus Ace Holes

Bonus Hole A FCB 9
Bonus Hole B FCB 19

Thank you to Par Save Productions, Google and UDisc for hole maps