The Derelict League: After Dark

  • Fridays
  • Home Course:
  • Format: Singles
  • Shotgun Start: 30 minutes after sunset
  • Next event: 05-20-2022
  • LD: Tommy "TJ" Murashie
  • League Director

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    The Derelict League: After Dark Schedule

    DateSignupLeague CentralCourse
    2022-05-27Derelict After Dark Spring Week 8League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-06-03Derelict After Dark Spring Week 9League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-06-10Derelict After Dark Spring Week 10League CentralGarlough
    2022-06-17Derelict After Dark Summer Week 1League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-06-24Derelict After Dark Summer Week 2League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-07-01Derelict After Dark Summer Week 3League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-08Derelict After Dark Summer Week 4League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-07-15Derelict After Dark Summer Week 5League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-07-22Derelict After Dark Summer Week 6League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-29Derelict After Dark Summer Week 7League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-08-05Derelict After Dark Summer Week 8League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-08-12Derelict After Dark Summer Week 9League CentralGarlough
    2022-08-19Derelict After Dark Summer Week 10League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-08-26Derelict After Dark Fall Week 1League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-09-02Derelict After Dark Fall Week 2League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-09Derelict After Dark Fall Week 3League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-09-16Derelict After Dark Fall Week 4League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-09-23Derelict After Dark Fall Week 5League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-30Derelict After Dark Fall Week 6League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-10-07Derelict After Dark Fall Week 7League CentralKaposia Park
    2022-10-14Derelict After Dark Fall Week 8League CentralGarlough
    2022-10-21Derelict After Dark Fall Week 9League CentralFirst Calvary Baptist
    2022-10-28Derelict After Dark Fall Week 10League CentralKaposia Park

    The Derelict League: After Dark Info

    • League Director: Tommy "TJ" Murashie
    • The Derelict League plays using a "handicap" format. This helps level the playing field for all players and creates a way for the least skilled player to have a chance at a WIN.
    • 10 week series. Standings are for FUN. No series payouts.
    • Night rules in play during Derelict After Dark rounds
    • League Facebook Page
    • No card? No problem. Show up on time and TJ will card you up

    Handicap Info

    • Averages are based on a rolling 5 game average. We use your last 5 rounds played on the current layout at the current course.
    • If you do not have 5 rounds for the layout logged we use the average of as many scratch (no cali, or dubs) rounds as you have logged during KP Leagues events at current course.
    • In the event you have zero rounds logged check in with TD day of event to establish an average.
    • Handicap/Penalty is based on current average x-.7
    • Fractional averages round up at .5 and round down at .499
    • Handicap system is used in place of divisions to promote competition among players of all skill levels.
    • Example: If you have an average of 10 over par (5 game rolling average) your handicap would be -7. Seven strokes would be taken off your current round. 10(Average) x -.7= -7 (handicap)
    • Example 2: If you have an average of -3 under par (5 game rolling average) your penalty would be +2. Two strokes would be added to your current round. -3(average) x-.7= 2.1 (Penalty)

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    Entry Breakdown

    DivisionAce Pool**Series Pool**Event Costs**