Toss @ Torg

  • Mondays
  • Home Course: Torg Brewery
  • Vendor: Gotta Go Gotta Throw
  • Format: Putting
  • Flex Start: 530pm-9:00pm
  • Next event: 02-26-2024
  • LD: Alex Kelly
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    Toss @ Torg Schedule

    League Director

    Toss @ Torg Info

    • Come every week, or any week you want! You do not have to participate multiple weeks to have a good time.
    • No series payouts for Winter 2023. Which means more money in weekly payouts.

    Format Info

    • 20 hole putting course
    • Putts are between 5 and 40 feet
    • Bring 2 Putters
    • Scoring: "Make" = 2 Points
    • "Splash" = 1 Point (tap cage or above)
    • Make Both: 1 Bonus Point (5 total)
    • Jump/Step putts are allowed from EVERY Gold tee. and the ace hole. You may not jump from any other tees.
    • A "tee" will be a single object (Cone, or flag). You will put your foot behind the cone as if it were your "mini".
    • The tee is officially a rectangle that is 20cm wide and 30cm deep, centered on the line of play behind the rear edge of the cone/flag.
    • "Sitting Putt Hole" in play many weeks. Please sit on the designated surface and make them putts!
    • Play with cards of 2-6 players. If you are solo, come down and we will help you find a group.
    • You may "rebuy" a 2nd+ round if you want to try and improve your score.
    • Scoring will be on UDisc. Please create a scorecard from "events" tab on UDisc. Let us know if you need some help setting up a free UDisc account.
    • If the disc is at rest, and touching the basket in any way (cage and above), it counts as a "Make"
    • There is no penalty for contacting a wall/other surface before contacting the basket. (If you bounce off the wall - and it goes in - you still receive the points)

    Toss @ Torg Standings

    Toss @ Torg Strikes


    Course photo

    Series Payouts

    DivisionSeries Payouts?*
    GoldYes (venmo)
    BlueYes (venmo)
    WhiteYes (venmo)
    RedYes (venmo)
    Women (Red)Yes (venmo)
    Women (Purple)Yes (venmo)

    Toss @ Torg Divisions/Costs

    Gold$15Pro Putter
    Blue$12Experienced Putter
    White$12Recreational Putter
    Red$10Novice Putter
    Women (Red)$10Women (General)
    Women (Purple)$10Women (Beginner)

    Entry Breakdown

    DivisionPayoutsAce Pool**Series Pool**Event Costs**
    GoldVenmo$1$1 (Venmo)$1
    BlueMerch$1$1 (Venmo)0
    WhiteMerch$1$1 (Venmo)0
    RedMerch$1$1 (Venmo)0
    Women (Red)Merch$1$1 (Venmo)0
    Women (Purple)Merch$1$1 (Venmo)0