Forgotten Pars

  • Tuesdays
  • Home Course: Forgotten Star Brewing
  • Format: Putting
  • Flex Start: 5:30-9pm
  • Next event: 04-18-2023
  • LD: James Ehlenz
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    • Come every week, or any week you want!
    • 2 "Ace Run" throws per round ("Hole 21")
    • Bring 2 Putters (we have some loaners available)
    • Scoring will be on UDisc (choose "events"). We will have some paper scorecards available. If you use paper, please count all scores and turn in before leaving. FULL NANMES on scorecards (no nicknames).

    Format Info

    • 20 hole putting course
    • Putts are between 5 and 40 feet
    • Bring 2 Putters
    • Scoring: "Make" = 2 Points
    • "Splash" = 1 Point (tap cage or above)
    • Make Both: 1 Bonus Point (5 total)
    • Jump/Step putts are allowed from EVERY Gold tee. and the ace hole. You may not jump from any other tees.
    • A "tee" will be a single object (Cone, or flag). You will put your foot behind the cone as if it were your "mini".
    • The tee is officially a rectangle that is 20cm wide and 30cm deep, centered on the line of play behind the rear edge of the cone/flag.
    • "Sitting Putt Hole" in play many weeks. Please sit on the designated surface and make them putts!
    • Play with cards of 2-6 players. If you are solo, come down and we will help you find a group.
    • You may "rebuy" a 2nd+ round if you want to try and improve your score.
    • Scoring will be on UDisc. Please create a scorecard from "events" tab on UDisc. Let us know if you need some help setting up a free UDisc account.
    • If the disc is at rest, and touching the basket in any way (cage and above), it counts as a "Make"
    • There is no penalty for contacting a wall/other surface before contacting the basket. (If you bounce off the wall - and it goes in - you still receive the points)

    Forgotten Pars Standings

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    Forgotten Pars Divisions/Costs

    Gold$15Pro Putter
    Blue$12Experienced Putter
    White$12Recreational Putter
    Red$10Novice Putter
    Women (Red)$10Women (General)
    Women (Purple)$10Women (Beginner)

    Entry Breakdown

    DivisionAce Pool**Series Pool**Event Costs**
    Gold$1$0 (Venmo)$1
    Blue$1$0 (Venmo)0
    White$1$0 (Venmo)0
    Red$1$0 (Venmo)0
    Women (Red)$1$0 (Venmo)0
    Women (Purple)$1$0 (Venmo)0