• Fridays
  • Home Course: Garlough
  • Format: Singles
  • Flex Start: 7am-7pm
  • Next event: 05-20-2022
  • LD: PK
  • Women/Junior Links

    Women/Junior Schedule

    DateSignupLeague CentralCourse
    2022-05-20Women and Juniors Spring Week 7League CentralGarlough
    2022-05-27Women and Juniors Spring Week 8League CentralGarlough
    2022-06-03Women and Juniors Spring Week 9League CentralGarlough
    2022-06-10Women and Juniors Spring Week 10League CentralGarlough
    2022-06-17Women and Juniors Summer Week 1League CentralGarlough
    2022-06-24Women and Juniors Summer Week 2League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-01Women and Juniors Summer Week 3League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-08Women and Juniors Summer Week 4League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-15Women and Juniors Summer Week 5League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-22Women and Juniors Summer Week 6League CentralGarlough
    2022-07-29Women and Juniors Summer Week 7League CentralGarlough
    2022-08-05Women and Juniors Summer Week 8League CentralGarlough
    2022-08-12Women and Juniors Summer Week 9League CentralGarlough
    2022-08-19Women and Juniors Summer Week 10League CentralGarlough
    2022-08-26Women and Juniors Fall Week 1League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-02Women and Juniors Fall Week 2League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-09Women and Juniors Fall Week 3League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-16Women and Juniors Fall Week 4League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-23Women and Juniors Fall Week 5League CentralGarlough
    2022-09-30Women and Juniors Fall Week 6League CentralGarlough
    2022-10-07Women and Juniors Fall Week 7League CentralGarlough
    2022-10-14Women and Juniors Fall Week 8League CentralGarlough
    2022-10-21Women and Juniors Fall Week 9League CentralGarlough
    2022-10-28Women and Juniors Fall Week 10League CentralGarlough

    Women/Junior Info

    • Singles Format (No mulligans)
    • Divisions for all skill levels
    • Skill based layouts
    • No commitment or previous league experience required
    • More Info
    • 10 week series: Top 4 rounds determine series standings and payouts
    • Attend once, or as many weeks as you want
    • Ace Pool and Bonus Ace Pool is for women/juniors only. General division can not win ace or bonus ace pool.

    Women/Junior Standings


    Course photo

    Women/Junior Divisions/Costs

    Women (Blue)$10Experienced
    Women (White)$10Recreational
    Women (Red)$10Novice
    Women (Purple)$10Absolute Beginner
    Junior (Blue)$1014+
    Junior (White)$1012-13
    Junior (Red)$1010-11
    Junior (Purple)$109 and under
    General$10League supporters (all are welcome)

    Entry Breakdown

    DivisionAce Pool**Series Pool**Women/Kids Pool
    Women (Blue)$1$1$1
    Women (White)$1$1$1
    Women (Red)$1$1$1
    Women (Purple)$1$1$1
    Junior (Blue)$1$0$1
    Junior (White)$1$0$1
    Junior (Red)$1$0$1
    Junior (Purple)$1$0$1