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  • Kaposia DGC

    McBeth Mulligan Madness

    McBeth Mulligan Madness

    Signup Here

    We are excited to announce McBeth Mulligan Madness!

    • General info: here
    • Saturday, October 9 2021
    • All proceeds donated to the Paul McBeth Foundation whose mission is to "develop and introduce sustainable disc golf experiences in underserved locations with limited or no access to the sport".
    • Players pack: McBeth Mulligan Madness Discraft disc
    • Format: KP Cali Style (must purchase mulligans)
    • Mulligan's available for purchase for $2. No limit on number of mulligans purchased. No limit on number of mulligans used per hole
    • Purchase mulligans on tournament day. Mulligans are cash only
    • No payouts (this is a charity event)
    • 10-08-2021
    • Tee Times: 8am-1:30pm
    • (Choose your own!) Email PK with your desired tee time. (TD reserves the right to adjust tee times)

    • We are capping at 150 players, so Signup Now to guarantee your spot! (check current registration status at Tournament Central)

    The Dirty Thirty One

    Signup Here

    • Saturday, November 6 2021
    • More Info
    • 1 round, non-sanctioned mulligan(calI) tournament
    • 1 mulligan per hole. If you use your mulligan, you may play from either disc
    • Tee Times
    • Course: Kaposia DGC
    • Great players packs (all divisions) AND payouts
    • Sign Up Here
    • Current Registration

    Kaposia DGC

    KP Night

    2021 Kaposia Day Nighter

    Signup Here

    We are excited to announce the 2021 Kaposia Day Nighter Tournament!

    • Saturday, October 30th 2021
    • Shotgun Start
    • 2 Rounds of 18 Holes
    • One day round, one night round!
    • Day Round - 3:00pm Shotgun start
    • Night Round - Shotgun start 1 hour after last card is in. Approximately 6:45-7pm.
    • Layout change between rounds
    • Current signups at: Tournament Central
    • General info: here
    • 1st Place Shirts for winners of all divisions

    • Format: Singles play. No mulligans.
    • Choose your own card! Email PK with the names of your group. (TD reserves the right to adjust groups)
    • No card? No problem. I will place you with players of similiar skill level
    • Cards of 5 players
    • Lights/Glow Tape needed for night round

    • We are capping at 90 players, so Signup Now to guarantee your spot!

    Special Thanks:

    Bruce Sanburg - Groundskeeper/Layout Preparations

    Russ Jacobsen - #1 on Top 100

    Mahala Jacobsen - Scores and Payouts

    Blake Iverson - Media Production

    Chuck Kennedy - Disc Golf Consulting

    Billie Sage Ashton - Photos

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