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Kaposia Fall Fling

  • Saturday, September 11 2021
  • 1 round, C-tier tournament
  • Tee Times
  • Course: Kaposia DGC
  • Great players packs (all divisions) AND payouts
  • Players pack: Full color buzz, mini, towel, and pin. All tournament stamped!
  • Sign Up Here
  • Current Registration

  • Junior divisions available! Only $20 per junior!
  • Juniors will play at Garlough Park(West Saint Paul)
  • Juniors layouts will be based on division age
  • Juniors 12 and under need a parent/guardian present. See PDGA rules

  • Want to warmup with some dubs? Join us the day before
  • Bring your own partner Dubs (Best Shot)
  • Friday, September 10th 2021
  • More information HERE

Kaposia DGC

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  • Kaposia DGC

    McBeth Mulligan Madness

    McBeth Mulligan Madness

    Signup Here

    We are excited to announce McBeth Mulligan Madness!

    • General info: here
    • Saturday, October 9 2021
    • All proceeds donated to the Paul McBeth Foundation whose mission is to "develop and introduce sustainable disc golf experiences in underserved locations with limited or no access to the sport".
    • Players pack: McBeth Mulligan Madness Discraft disc
    • Format: KP Cali Style (must purchase mulligans)
    • Mulligan's available for purchase for $2. No limit on number of mulligans purchased. No limit on number of mulligans used per hole
    • Purchase mulligans on tournament day. Mulligans are cash only
    • No payouts (this is a charity event)
    • 10-08-2021
    • Tee Times: 8am-1:30pm
    • (Choose your own!) Email PK with your desired tee time. (TD reserves the right to adjust tee times)

    • We are capping at 150 players, so Signup Now to guarantee your spot! (check current registration status at Tournament Central)

    KP Night

    Day Nighter

    Signup Here

    We are excited to announce the 2021 Kaposia Day Nighter Tournament!

    • Saturday, October 30th 2021
    • Shotgun Start
    • 2 Rounds of 18 Holes
    • One day round, one night round!
    • Day Round - 3:00pm Shotgun start
    • Night Round - Shotgun start 1 hour after last card is in. Approximately 6:45-7pm.
    • Layout change between rounds
    • Current signups at: Tournament Central
    • General info: here
    • 1st Place Shirts for winners of all divisions

    • Format: Singles play. No mulligans.
    • Choose your own card! Email PK with the names of your group. (TD reserves the right to adjust groups)
    • No card? No problem. I will place you with players of similiar skill level
    • Cards of 5 players
    • Lights/Glow Tape needed for night round

    • We are capping at 90 players, so Signup Now to guarantee your spot!

    Special Thanks:

    Bruce Sanburg - Groundskeeper/Layout Preparations

    Russ Jacobsen - #1 on Top 100

    Mahala Jacobsen - Scores and Payouts

    Blake Iverson - Media Production

    Chuck Kennedy - Disc Golf Consulting

    Billie Sage Ashton - Photos

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