Amanda Kutzke and Family

Amanda first discovered disc sports at a bar in college when she hucked a paper plate full of mustard across the bar in an attempt to hit Tony who was dancing to polka music. She instantly fell in love.... with the sport, not Tony. This love quickly brought her to join an ultimate frisbee team where she was overly competitive diving for discs and breaking fingers as she scored points for the team.

During the summer of '03 she was introduced to disc golf and enjoyed the combination of the outdoors and hanging with friends. Today she enjoys playing rounds with her family and always brings her bag of discs on vacations so she can play new courses.

Joining filled her competitive needs and allowed her to enjoy socializing with all the great people who enjoy this sport. She looks forward to creating course layouts that are fun and challenging for all levels of disc golf players and encourages families to play.

Amanda's favorite course is the Hillcrest Knoll because it's a fun course and an easy walk. She highly recommends everyone gets out and try a glow round with the Derelict League during a full moon.

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