Friday Funday Fall 2021

RankNameTop 4Series Pay (*)Weekly PayoutsTotal PointsWeeks PlayedWeeks In The $# of WinsAverage ScoreW1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10
1Marshall Britt392.5$20$36480.50543+6100.30100.1088.00100.1092.00
2Tanya Spychalla192.2$22192.20221+692.00100.20
3Wyatt Engl100.3$13100.30111+4100.30
4Alexander Handby84$084.00100+1684.00
5Jeffrey Petersen84$084.00100+1084.00
(*) Preliminary Series Payouts are not final. This only indicates year end payout IF the series ended today.(*) Payout pool will rise, and leaders will change as the series progresses.


PlayerNumber of Strikes
Strikes are awarded if you would "cash" (at least $10) in the next division.