Women and Juniors

Women and Juniors

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  • Read about Garlough in the West St Paul Reader here
  • Fridays, April 8th to October 28th 2022
  • Flex Start: 7:00am-7:00pm
  • 10 week series: Top 4 rounds determine series standings. Series payouts for Women for all three sessions. Series payouts for Juniors for Summer only.
  • 1st place shirts for series winners of all Women/Junior divisions
  • Attend once, or as many weeks as you want
  • No commitment or previous league experience required
  • Skill based layouts
  • Prizes
  • Divisions for all skill levels
  • Ace Pool
  • Bonus Ace Pool
  • Score using UDisc Events Tab (more info available under How To)
  • View general rules and more information under How To
  • View current signups, prizes, and current ace pool at League Central

  • Questions? View contact information under Contact

Divisions and Layouts Info

Division Suggested Skill Layout
Women Purple Absolute Beginner 18 hole short (purple) tees
Women Red Novice 18 hole mixed tees (9 standard, 9 short)
Women White Recreational 18 hole standard tees
Women Blue Experienced 18 hole standard tees
Junior Purple Ages 9 and Under 9 hole short (purple) tees (Leave 10-18 blank on scorecard)
Junior Red Ages 10-11 18 hole purple tees (9 short tees, played twice)
Junior White Ages 12-13 18 hole mixed tees (9 standard, 9 short)
Junior Blue Ages 14+ 18 hole standard tees
General (League Support) Anyone 18 hole standard tees
  • Entry fees are per round
  • Players may "rebuy" additional rounds to try to improve their score
  • We will allow 2-6 players per card for Women/Junior league ONLY
  • Weekly/Series payouts are paid through Kaposia Pro Shop store credit
  • Ace payouts are paid via Venmo
  • Junior girls - consider playing one color below suggested age based on results
  • Age guidelines are merely a suggestion. Please try to adjust and play against a simliar skill level when possible.
  • Women/Junior Disc Golf fund will be used to fund giveaways, prizes, and/or course improvements to improve Women/Junior disc golf.

Kids Disc Golf

Women $10
  • Purple (Absolute Beginner)
  • Red (Novice)
  • White (Recreational)
  • Blue (Experienced)
Junior $10
  • Purple (Suggested ages 9 and younger)
  • Red (Suggested ages 10-11)
  • White (Suggested ages 12-13)
  • Blue (Suggested ages 14 and older)
Breakdown (per entry)
  • $1 to Ace Pool
  • $1 to Series Payouts
  • $1 to Women/Junior Disc Golf
  • $7 to Weekly Payouts
"General" - League Supporter (non women/junior) $10
  • $1 to Ace Pool (not eligible to win)
  • $4 to Women/Junior Disc Golf
  • $5 to Weekly Payouts
  • General division is for league supporters (Husbands, Fathers, ETC). Must be playing with a Woman or Junior
  • General division is open to anyone regardless of age or gender
  • General division will have no series payouts
  • General division will have no Ace payouts
  • General division will have no Bonus Ace payouts
  • General division will still contribute $1 per entry to the ace pool
  • General division will contribute $4 into the Women/Junior Disc Golf fund
  • General division payouts are paid through Kaposia Pro Shop store credit

  • Bonus Ace - Optional $5 per entry. Must film ace for payout. See bonus ace rules under How To

Garlough Park

  • 1800 Charlton St, West St Paul, MN 55118
  • Please be respectful of any posted rules.
  • Please respect the course, school, and any other players on the course

  • 9 hole course
  • 2 Tees for each hole
  • Standard tees - Uses paved tee boxes
  • Purple tees - Uses wooden markers
  • See UDisc - "Main" and "Recreation Purple" layouts for hole maps