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Northern Gnome Random Dubs Summer 2023 Week 4 - 2023-07-05
Checked In: 12
Signed Up: 12
Ace Pot: $85
Bonus CTP $55

CTP Prizes

Hole NamePrizeSponsorWinner
Wintercrest 2Bonus $$ CTPKP LeaguesLorenzo Raneses

Layout Details

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Layout Name Wintercrest
# of Holes 21
Par 64
Length 0

NOT Checked In

No current signups for this week

KP Dubs Info

  • All Players are responsible to verify they are signed up AND checked in correctly. After signing up, please view the signup list below to find your name. If you do not see your name - you are not signed up yet and will not receive a partner!

  • Please check in to UDisc Events in addition to signing up here
  • Please check in with the LD after signing up to get checked in. Check-in starting 30 minutes before tee time.
  • You must check in within 15 minutes of tee time or you will not get a partner.
  • Team and Hole assignments will be posted here just prior to tee time
  • If there is an odd number of players and you draw "Cali", you may upgrade to "Wolf" by signing up again. Do this before Teeing off.
  • If your partner does not finish (DNF), you may finish the round as Cali. You may not buy in as WOLF unless you were Cali from initial draw.
  • Please view How To section for full Cali/Wolf rules.