North Metro DGL NMDGL 2023

RankNameTop 6Series Pay (*)Weekly Payouts
1Alan Toczydlowski370.63$32
2David Chang284.9$30
3Mike NC Xiong282.86$31
4Chong Yang257.49$0
5Tylor Chin184$17
6Alex Kelly183.2$15
7Blake Iverson166.4$0
8Samuel Thor166$0
9Derek Xiong158.63$0
10Kyle Phillips101.5$20
11Brad Houfek101.5$20
12Jed Thor101$23
13Phillip Dahlheimer100.9$16
14Jesse Giersdorf100.7$17
15Mike Schevenius96.4$14
16Jack Reagan96.4$14
17Nhia Xiong94.86$10
18Joe Fischer91.2$7
19Sherman Yang89.71$5
20Andrew Beane89.33$5
21John Her88.8$0
22Joe Slavik86.67$0
23Carlton Krantz85.6$0
24Ashley Moua84$0
25Kub Vang82.4$0
26Andrew Harper82$0
27Paochoua Vang81.33$0
28Spencer Cadwell78.67$0
29Michael Bruns77.6$0
30Shia Ly0$0

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(*) Preliminary Series Payouts are not final. This only indicates year end payout IF the series ended today.
(*) Payout pool will rise, and leaders will change as the series progresses.