North Metro DGL NMDGL 2023

RankNameTop 6Series Pay (*)Weekly Payouts
1Michael Lee470.69$62
2La Shi Kou Vang450.72$40
3Elvis Yang417.99$5
4Ae Moua366.26$32
5Jeng Xiong364.19$24
6Shia Ly356.79$35
7Thomas Lee356.26$28
8steivan rude292.29$49
9Sergio Xiong277.07$25
10John Xiong275.25$24
11Lee Xiong270.36$13
12Connor Knutson268.18$25
13Eduard Teisanu266.38$17
14Nick Root200.4$48
15Dao Yang186.91$20
16Charlie Moua180.5$14
17Nik Aicher176.04$14
18Nhia Xiong172.34$10
19Dao Thor162.96$0
20Sonenalinh Kounduangta158.8$0
21Luke Jones155.91$0
22Jimmy Vue102$29
23Alexander Wright101.7$20
24Jack Reagan97.45$17
25Darren Helle97.18$15
26Jed Thor90.91$5
27Jeremy Kollmann90$3
28Mike Schevenius89.76$1
29Mike Currie89.76$1
30Dai Yang86.4$0
31Tou Miua85.55$0
32Tylor Chin84.57$0
33Ryan Merriam84.47$0
34Chong Yang82.86$0
35David Vang82.8$0
36Erik Knutson82.8$0
37Chang Ly80.24$0
38Kong Thao79.2$0
39Isaiah Thor78.73$0

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(*) Preliminary Series Payouts are not final. This only indicates year end payout IF the series ended today.
(*) Payout pool will rise, and leaders will change as the series progresses.