KP Shorts Spring 2023

RankNameTop 4Series Pay (*)Weekly Payouts
1Jason Enloe300.9$48
2Michael Bruns266.4$9
3Russ Jacobsen188.6$26
4Antonio Morales188.3$20
5bobby auren188$25
6Ashley Moua185.9$20
7James Harper166$0
8Tyson Batton164$0
9Ricky Aldrich100.5$18
10Tim Arterberry100.4$20
11Jeremy Weisz100.2$16
12Stephen Burgett100.1$8
13Scott Howard96$18
14Alex Lamkin95.2$13
15Alex Perez94$12
16Andy Clark90$6
17Yuri Robinson90$6
18Daniel Cross84$0
19Andres Losinski80.8$0
20Josh Bischoff80$0

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(*) Preliminary Series Payouts are not final. This only indicates year end payout IF the series ended today.
(*) Payout pool will rise, and leaders will change as the series progresses.