NDMGL 2022
Pro Open

RankNameTop 7Series Pay (*)Weekly Payouts
1Thomas Como701.05$52$312
2song thao692.69$75$247
3Dominik Harris686.21$36$190
4Kory Vue685.76$20$253
5Thao Vang671.64$164
6Paul Yang655.49$104
8No Xrossing611.59$4
9Kelly Patrick530.84$40
10Justin Dahl523.89$14
11Kee Vang515.25$24
12Steivan rude499.14$14
13Joe Hoppe459.98$45
14Chan Thao417.7$0
15Jimmy Vue416.96$3
16Cory Maanum373.39$48
17Bee Yang363.64$44
18Patrick Kelly346.56$21
19Scott Wright320.62$0
20Thong Vue268.9$28
21Nick Beisang170.5$0
22Huechi Lee168$0
23Yeng Xiong161.56$0
24John Hart98.5$32
25Traz Sargent97.14$20
26Mike Carrier97.14$20
27James Smith96$15
28Douglas Seltz92$7
29Tony Cahill90.29$3
30Jim Beilby88.19$0
31Andrew Swanson86$0
32Yeng Xikng85$0
33Brian Meyer84.57$0
34Shawn Vanderwerf83.2$0
35Matt Tomy81.33$0
36Joel Bauch81.33$0
37Ben Havelka79.6$0
38John Patchin79.6$0
39Michael Dela cruz79$0
40Corey Schara77.14$0
41Veng Thao0$0

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(*) Preliminary Series Payouts are not final. This only indicates year end payout IF the series ended today.
(*) Payout pool will rise, and leaders will change as the series progresses.