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PDGA Monday Summer Week 1
Attendance: 43
Ace $43

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Layout Name Summer 20 (9xlong)
Course Name Kaposia Park
# of Holes 20
Par 64
Length 6530
Course Record -11 🔥
Bradley Kuntz

CTP Prizes

Hole NamePrizeSponsorValue
Base O Me Mucho$20 to Kaposia Pro ShopKaposia Pro Shop$20
Crash & Burn$1 CTP #1KP Leagues Players$32*
Mando Flyaway$1 CTP #2KP Leagues Players$30*
Gnarly Knoll$2 CTP #3KP Leagues Players$26*
Nine Holes In$2 CTP #4KP Leagues Players$28*
Scanny Skip$2 CTP #5KP Leagues Players$28*
Pain in my 6Mystery PrizeKP Leagues Players$20
* Optional CTP. Must buy in to qualify
If a 9/10 hole course - CTP is for both tees on that basket.

Side Games

Side Game NameValue
Long Putt$30*
* Optional Side Game. Must buy in to qualify

No aces this week

Week 1 Cards

PlayerDivisionStarting Hole
Alec BurgoyneIntermediate7 (Pinball Alley)
Alex RodriguezRecreation18 (Scanny Skip)
Ben SchleyIntermediate7 (Pinball Alley)
Blake IversonRecreation1 (Crash & Burn)
Bradley KuntzPro Open8 (Bratzel Farm)
Brett MyrlandPro Open12 (Kap O See Ya)
Brian KendellenIntermediate3 (Gnarly Knoll)
Bryan RohdePro Open8 (Bratzel Farm)
Chaz DonahueRecreation16 (Very Poplar)
Colin KirbyIntermediate19 (Road Kill)
Derek WaltonAdvanced16 (Very Poplar)
Eric LarsonAdvanced
Ethan HemmelmanIntermediate19 (Road Kill)
James ColemanIntermediate5 (It's 420)
James HarperNovice3 (Gnarly Knoll)
Jeffrey PetersenNovice
Jeremy BowenRecreation10 (Nine Holes In)
Joe HoppePro Open5 (It's 420)
John DivineIntermediate10 (Nine Holes In)
John HartPro Open
John KelleyRecreation12 (Kap O See Ya)
José SpragueAdvanced1 (Crash & Burn)
Joshua CasanovaPro Open14 (Not Oak Grove)
Kyle GomelIntermediate19 (Road Kill)
Logan GreelyAdvanced18 (Scanny Skip)
Luis GomezRecreation18 (Scanny Skip)
Mike AndersonPro Open14 (Not Oak Grove)
Nathan DeLisleRecreation16 (Very Poplar)
Nick BeisangPro Open1 (Crash & Burn)
Patrick KellyPro Open1 (Crash & Burn)
Peter AtkinsPro Open12 (Kap O See Ya)
Phalshie LarsonRecreational Women3 (Gnarly Knoll)
Phillip PerezRecreation5 (It's 420)
Russ JacobsenNovice3 (Gnarly Knoll)
Samuel SmithRecreation7 (Pinball Alley)
Seth AllenPro Open8 (Bratzel Farm)
Simon RamirezRecreation18 (Scanny Skip)
Steve CliffordIntermediate7 (Pinball Alley)
Tanner GreelyAdvanced18 (Scanny Skip)
Theodore Bischoff-WeyandtIntermediate19 (Road Kill)
Thong VueAdvanced5 (It's 420)
willy thoenIntermediate14 (Not Oak Grove)
Zach TrottoRecreation10 (Nine Holes In)

Week 1 Squads

NameDivisionSquad #
Derek Walton (C)Advanced213
Chaz DonahueRecreation213
Nathan DeLisleRecreation213
Bryan Rohde (C)Pro Open214
Seth AllenPro Open214
Peter Atkins (C)Pro Open215
Brett MyrlandPro Open215
John KelleyRecreation215
Nick Beisang (C)Pro Open216
Patrick KellyPro Open216
José SpragueAdvanced216
Blake IversonRecreation216
Thong Vue (C)Advanced217
Joe HoppePro Open217
James ColemanIntermediate217
Phillip PerezRecreation217
Alec Burgoyne (C)Intermediate218
Ben SchleyIntermediate218
Russ Jacobsen (C)Novice219
Brian KendellenIntermediate219
James HarperNovice219
Phalshie LarsonRecreational Women219
Steve Clifford (C)Intermediate220
Samuel SmithRecreation220
Tanner Greely (C)Advanced221
Logan GreelyAdvanced221
Alex RodriguezRecreation221
Luis GomezRecreation221
Simon RamirezRecreation221