Derelict After Dark Summer 2022

RankNameTop 4Weekly Payouts
1Tommy Murashie392.47$58
2Martin Cheatham390.84$64
3Corey Brennan378.37$36
4Mike Hallis377.5$37
5James Wood373.35$22
6Justin Cassens372.11$21
7Scott Howard369.97$24
8Amy Geib355.21$22
9Peter Baldwin353.2$19
10Matthew Paulus348.42$1
11Maria Wood338.33$7
12Jessica Ann Harwood324.54$0
13Jeremy Weisz287.45$31
14Trenton Holloway285.33$29
15Phillip Perez282.67$40
16Tristan Spears282.57$19
17Yuri Robinson183.75$25
18Randy Brown179.47$7
19Pete Karlisch179.12$10
20Elijah Emerson175.1$7
21Philip Nord98.91$20
22Dave Lake98.5$16
23Nick Root97.27$13
24Nick Beisang97.27$13
25Kevin Hinkel96.7$7
26Patrick Kelly95.09$8
27Cameron Uthe94.86$8
28Lorenzo Duncan92.29$5
29Blake B90.91$1
30Bruce Sanburg90.91$1
31Daniel M Johnson89.33$0
32Adam Palm84.73$0
33James Myles III84.57$0
34Alexander Gallagher81.25$0
35Ron Milligan81.09$0
36Jason Anhorn79.43$0
37Scott McClure78.67$0

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(*) Preliminary Series Payouts are not final. This only indicates year end payout IF the series ended today.
(*) Payout pool will rise, and leaders will change as the series progresses.